If you would like more information or would like to sign up to be a board member please contact the Board President, Mandy Kraft at boardpresident@lprc.ca

Mandy Kraft – Board President
Jamie McGregor – Vice President
Pierre Rondier – Treasurer
Melanie Willson – Secretary
Rob Roy – Director
Dylan Wall – Director
Cherie Hanson – Director
Emilio Fedele – Director



We are fortunate, in Kelowna, to have a food bank that provides excellent service to our community; however, one of the concerns that we hear frequently from clients is that they do not get enough fresh fruits and vegetables in their diets. Beginning October, 2012 we developed a strong relationship with Urban Harvest, a local company that sells fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Since October, 2012 Urban Harvest has consistently donated approximately $100 worth of fresh produce per week to the LPRC. We have also begun to develop relationships with local orchardists and gleaning organizations and occasionally receive donations from these sources as well.  In order for this program to be sustainable we require volunteers to pick up the donations from Urban Harvest on Saturdays at 12:45pm and deliver it to our office.  If you would like more information or to participate, please contact cberry@lprc.ca