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Harm reduction is a philosophy which focuses on minimizing death, disease, and injury associated with activities that may involve risk, while acknowledging and honouring an individual’s ability to make their own decisions.Harm reduction can effectively prevent HIV, hepatitis C, and other drug-related harms.  It is often the first or only link that an individual may have to the health and social service system and, as such, can provide a gateway to addictions treatment.  Harm reduction interventions are relatively inexpensive and cost effective.  They increase social and financial efficiency by interrupting the transmission of infectious diseases at a lower cost, rather than waiting to treat complications of advanced illness at a much higher cost.  Above all, harm reduction saves lives.

Living Positive Resource Centre provides a variety of harm reduction materials for both safer sex and substance use, and provides training for and assistance in obtaining naloxone, the drug used to reverse an opioid overdose.  To arrange a naloxone training or an educational workshop on harm reduction, please contact education@lprc.ca