The Harm Reduction Education (HRE) is a program under Living Positive Resource Centre (LPRC) that provides a series of free workshops to businesses, organizations, communities, and individuals around Kelowna. The HRE Program provides workshops and educational sessions to individuals, service providers, community organizations, and businesses.

These workshops cover topics that align with the values and goals of LPRC such as: harm reduction, sexual health, and inclusivity. Available workshops topic includes, but isn’t limited to: HIV 101, Hep C 101, Sexual Wellbeing, Inclusive Language & Queer Literacy, Drug Overdose Response & Naloxone Training, and other workshops as requested. The workshops can be provided either over Zoom, or in person. These are public sessions that anyone can choose to attend. Businesses and organizations can also request for LPRC to come into their space and provide these workshops.

Additionally, if you want a workshop tailored to a specific population or focused on a subject related to harm reduction but not explicitly mentioned in this menu, please contact us and we may be able to accommodate your request.

Harm Reduction Educators:

  • Vacant Position

If you would like to book an educational workshop, please send an email to or use this Workshop Menu & Application Form which you can send to the same email. 

Please ensure that your email includes

  • where the workshop is taking place
  • preferred dates and time,
  • what you would like to include in the workshop
  • any notes or special requests