Having started as an HIV/AIDS service organization in 1992, we have since expanded our mandate to serve individuals in the Central Okanagan living with and/or at risk of HIV, Hepatitis C, and or related health issues experiencing concerns relating to housing, income, nutrition, health care, addictions and mental health.





To provide harm reduction, prevention and education resources, and supportive services, with that focus on individual wellness and community health, to anyone living with, affected by, or at risk of HIV, Hepatitis C, or related health issues.


Vibrant communities which celebrate diversity and ensure everyone can live a healthy and valued life


Respect for People we Serve: We recognize and support the fundamental rights of the individuals we serve. We uphold their right to personal choice, self-determination, and promote informed decision making. We believe in their strengths and capacity  for growth.

Community Collaboration: We work in partnership with a variety of other organizations, agencies, governments, and businesses for the purposes of providing holistic, person-centred services.

Belonging and Diversity: We work to provide culturally safer, accessible, and welcoming spaces for people to access our services and supports. We model respect for gender and sexual identity, spiritual practices, ethnicity, age, abilities, socioeconomic status, language, and culture. We promote a non-judgemental, harm reductive, sex-positive philosophy.

Professionalism: We are committed to providing supports and services that reflect best practice, leading edge information, and research in our sector. We recruit and retain employees and volunteers who model our professional ideals and who bring their talents and passion to our work.

Accountability: Our organizational practice demonstrate compliance and transparency in adhering to expected business practices, legal and fiduciary responsibilities, and privacy laws.

Social Responsibility and Social Justice: We work to advance the critical conversations that create equitable access to income, housing, and services to support the health and wellbeing of the people and communities we serve.